The worst ugly sweaters of Christmas, to show your passion for Bitcoin

The worst ugly sweaters of Christmas, to show your passion for Bitcoin

Happy HODL to all! – Without going as far as banning Christmas trees, as some dare to impose, there is at least one tradition of this holiday season that we would like to do without:

that of ugly sweaters. But then, even if you’re going to wear a garment on the verge (or beyond) of ridicule, you might as well proudly wear your crypto-convictions, as a tribute to Bitcoin.

At least this way, Bitcoin will keep you warm this winter!

They’re there with their garish colors and psychedelic patterns. It’s the return of the ugly Christmas sweaters. Like every year, it will be a good idea to make family and friends smile (no more than 6, it seems for this Christmas 2020) by wearing these clothes that have, to top it all, the annoying tendency to scratch.

It’s the perfect occasion to make a little nod to your loved ones about the world of Bitcoin and cryptomoney that is so dear to us.

Indeed, whether on Amazon or in specialized stores, there is no shortage of Ugly Christmas Sweaters. You will certainly find some to your taste (or rather, bad taste?) on the theme of cryptos that will do well.

You prefer altcoins? There’s something for every „taste“.

If you want to showcase other cryptos, the growing popularity of cryptos should allow you to find your happiness too – as long as you’re not looking for the darkest of shitcoins.

Whether it’s Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or even the anonymous Monero (XMR), you can proudly show the world that there’s more to crypto-life than just Bitcoin. Let’s hope that the chosen altcoin will not reach limbo by then – let’s pay a little tribute to all the cryptos projects that have left us this year.
Don’t wait any longer! If you’re going to wear an ugly sweater for the festive meals to come, you might as well be a spokesperson for the cryptosphere. Plus, with our beloved Bitcoin just brilliantly exploding its highest price record, chances are your loved ones will want to know more about this mysterious universe than ever before.